Top 5 Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Pacific Grove

November 19, 2021

Top 5 Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Pacific Grove

These are our top 5, favorite local owned restaurants, in Pacific Grove, that we visit weekly. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do!

  1. Red House Cafe- Do yourself a huge favor and add Red House Cafe to your list of places you need to visit, if you already love Red House Cafe, this is your friendly reminder to go and enjoy! We love the salads and the grilled cheese. They also have an incredible crab cake, you will not regret!
  2. Poppy Hall – One of the semi-newer restaurants in town. We love them so much. The staff is incredibly friendly and their burger is, chef’s kiss, divine! Make sure you order the steak fries, they are perfectly crispy!
  3. Pavel’s Backerei – If your’re looking for a sweet treat or a salami sandwich on fresh baked bread, look no further. While all of their treats are incredible, the shortbread butterfly cookies are not only precious to Pacific Grove, but they taste amazing. Don’t stop there, all of their pastries are delicious. The cinnamon roll and the bear claws are always a HUGE hit, they are literally massive. The list goes on; fresh baked bread loaf, croissants, biscotti’s, eclairs and thumbprint cookies galore!
  4. Rudolfo’s Cafe – The new owners of the ever loved Cafe Arianna, now called Rudolfo’s Cafe. You may even still see the sweet, former owner’s, Marie and Nino from time to time. They have decadent pasta’s and house made pizza’s. Their panini’s are made on their house made bread. From the pasta, pizza and paninis; there is truly something for everyone. Rudolfo’s also offer gluten free pastas and pizza crust, which is even more inclusive. They even have gelato and a variety of other baked goods.
  5. Victorian Corner – Great place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With so many options, its a great place for everyone. Our favorites are the omelettes, salads and sandwiches; they even have house made granola which is so delicious.

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